Diana and Anamai @ The Blacksheep Inn [July 29, 2015]

Went to the lovely and amazing Blacksheep Inn for a Wednesday night show.
Performing at the show was Toronto acts Diana and Anamai.
It was a brief stop before heading to Sappyfest in N.B.

Diana @ The Blacksheep Inn
Second time this year seeing Diana perform. It was one of my favourite set seeing them play. The band preview alot of new material for their second album which Carmen jokingly said will come out in three years (well actually comes in 2016). Fun and made me want to dance set!

Anamai @ The Blacksheep Inn
Starting off the show was Anamai. Second time seeing them perform and it was their best set. Beautiful and haunting dark and dreamy set of tracks from their debut album Shallow. I swear Anna can do anything music wise!

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