Dizzy – Knock The Wind [Music Video]

Today the Oshawa band Dizzy dropped the music video for Knock The Wind.
The fifth and final single is taken from their upcoming self-titled eponymous third album which comes out on August 18, 2023 via Royal Mountain Records.
A soft moody indie acoustic guitar pop track that has this campfire/road tripping vibe.

About the track by Katie:
“A few months ago I had my heart set on moving from Ontario to somewhere out east in Canada.
I’ve always been really drawn to the sea, and whales in particular.
My childhood bedroom was covered in ocean wallpaper, my bed sheets patterned to look like water.

Knock The Wind is a rumination on how you can live somewhere your whole life and never really feel at home.
It was the first song we recorded with our producer David and it set the tone for the rest of our time together.”

Knock The Wind gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.