DJ Catalist @ TimeKode [Review]

This will be my first review with no photos about TimeKode.
I wasn’t planning on taking photos since I was there just to have a great time and dance.
I rarely cover the Ottawa dance club scene that much.
For those that don’t know:
TimeKode is a dance club that plays all things soulful, funky, and innovative music which happens every third Friday of the month.
Takes place at Eri Cafe on 953 Somerset St W.
I didn’t know Bonjay got their start at TimeKode (Now I am kicking myself!)

This being my second time attending TimeKode.
The first time was after the Sikken Laumann show on April 15, 2011.
I totally had a great first time at TimeKode.
So why not go again.

When I entered the place before 11pm (You can get in for free and after 11pm it’s $5).
There were people dancing around and a bake sale.
I didn’t know Alister Johnson who plays with Grand Analog was there.
He happens to be DJ Catalist and it was cool that he was the DJ of the night.

The night started off with the Timekode crew which consist of:

  • Zattar
  • Eric Roberts
  • Memetic

With visuals projections by VJ DAISY

By 11:30pm the place started to fill up.
It was already a sweaty dance party filled with great dance music.
Alot of familiar faces I know when I go to indie rock/pop shows in the Ottawa music scene.
Interesting enough to see them dance around and shake what their mama gave them. 😛
There was alot of diversity of people who come to Timekode.

When DJ Catalist came out.
I was kind of curious to what his stuff will be.
It was a mix of Hip-hop, soul, techno, funk and whatelse.
There was one part that he played a sample of The Goodmen’s Give It Up.
Wow talk about nostalgia for myself back in the early 1990s and I wonder if I still have that cassette tape single?!! 😛
DJ Catalist played a wicked DJ set and I totally had a great “sweaty” fun dance party.
Got me moving and grooving big time!
Still surprised that he is a DJ.

Here is some of his works.
A FRIEND by alisterjohnson
Feel It by alisterjohnson

Overall going to Timekode is a fun time and the vibe is totally good.
Since it’s the summer you should try and check out TimeKode.

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