Dog Day – Present [Streaming]

Today, Halifax band Dog Day dropped the album called Present.
Blend of catchy and straight forward indie gloom alterna-pop music.

About the album.
The follow-up to 2013’s prophetically named Fade Out.
In the years that followed, Seth Smith & Nancy Urich who are the band’s lead creative duo.
They focused their talents on another medium like film.
Releasing the critically acclaimed feature The Crescent in 2017, they quickly moved into production on an upcoming bio-sci-fi feature titled TIN CAN.

Amidst these new works, Seth & Nancy reconvened with original Dog Day drummer KC Spidle (Diamondtown/Bad Vibrations) and newcomer Meg Yoshida (Not You/Bad Vibrations) for this new, full-length record.
Present which is their seventh studio album, draws as much on a history of gothic synth rock than it does on hook-oriented indie punk.
It is a much awaited comeback from a band that has never stayed in the same lane and always adapted to their surroundings without losing their gloom-pop throughline.

Present gets:

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