Doldrums – The Air Conditioned Nightmare [Review]

I was very surprised earlier in 2015 that Montreal/Toronto musician Doldrums aka Airick Woodhead of ex-Spiral Beach was signed to Sub Pop and saying goodbye to being on Arbutus Records.

Now comes the release of the second album called The Air Conditioned Nightmare that dropped on April 7, 2015.
Ten tracks mix of electro-spastic dance rock to some chill-out dream.
There is abit of that Euro-techno dance vibe.
The album title comes from the mellow dream-like second track Blow Away.
Doldrums at Arboretum Arts Festival
When the first single HOTFOOT dropped, I was hoping to have that erratic frightening spastic electro that we are used to with Doldrums.
HOTFOOT is still the stand out track on the album.
Then came single #2 which was My Friend Simjen, it had that messy synth-electro feel.
It didn’t stood out for some weird apparent reason.
Then came single #3, LOOPS which is the most accessible track, more of Euro-techno dance pop vibe to it.
The other track I recommend is Industry City.
The whole album is mix of a nightmare and dream-like escape.
Best tracks:

  • Blow Away
  • We Awake
  • Industry City

I’d give this album 8/10.