Duffy – Endlessly (Review)

The world was introduced by Welsh singer Duffy with her funky soulful song Mercy.
And exploded big time when she released her debut Rockferry.

She will drop her second album Endlessly on November 26, 2010.

Judging by the album, she still going through that 1960s looks.
The album is a mix of pop, uptemp, soul, funk, ballads and dance.
There is that 1960s pop ballad sounds in Too Hurt To Dance, Don’t Forsake Me, Breath Away and Endlessly.
While you have the 1960s uptempo pop sounds in Well, Well, Well and Girl which you can groove around to.
Its those albums Duffy sings about love and relationships which anyone can relate to.
Its a good album but I feel some of the tracks are very short.
Overall she still is talented and has that voice (like it or not).
Best tracks:

  • Too Hurt To Dance
  • Keeping My Baby
  • Well, Well, Well
  • Don’t Forsake Me
  • Endlessly
  • Breath Away
  • Hard For The Heart

I’d give Endlessly 8/10.

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