Edwin Raphael – Staring at Ceilings EP [Streaming]

Today, Montreal musician Edwin Raphael dropped the long awaited EP called Staring at Ceilings via Dine Alone Records.
A perfect blend of brooding and dreamy alterna-pop music.

About the EP:
“As with every new day, the earth revolves the same, you live things a little like yesterday, you leave a little space for the hopes of something riveting but it’s rare. But every so often you stumble upon that day where everything is nothing like you knew before. You see colors you’ve never seen before; you stare at the same ceiling but it gives you an entire cosmos today.”

The opening track “Time To Sink” begins softly, advanced by layered textures of peaceful vocals, sharp horns, refined guitars, and crisp drums. The track embraces stillness even when life continues to shift back and forth with light.

Last December, Edwin Raphael shared his single “Sea Of Things” accompanied by its music video.
On “Sea Of Things” Edwin gives off Jeff Buckley vibes by bearing the same soulful intensity. It’s a gorgeous, striking piece of work attributed to Edwin’s innate talents and sheer efficiency with instrumentation.
On the narrative front, “Sea Of Things” is an ode to existence and dissociation catalyzed by anxiety. “Sea Of Things” is a testament to the chaotic and oftentimes perplexing nature of the ocean and of living without control.

Edwin released his first single off the EP “Mild Sanity (feat. Juletta)” this past fall. Deeply absorbing and incredibly cathartic all at once, Edwin’s languid vocals and atmospheric melodies take listeners’ minds outside the cruelties of the world’s relentless wreckage. “Mild Sanity” is also elevated by NYC pop singer-songwriter Juletta’s ethereal cadence.

Influenced by artists such as The Villagers and Ben Howard, “Staring At Ceilings” hits listeners like a much-needed sign of relief. Commanded by therapeutic lyrics, soaring melodies, and expansive instrumentals, the EP’s title track is a cinematic showcase.

“The After” closes out the EP and Edwin hails the track as that “first breath you take after having spent a considerable amount of time underwater.” Doubling down on ambiance, “The After” focuses on textures and production that are unconventional and unpredictable. In result, these sonic choices support the track’s theme of confusion just before one embarks on new challenges that lie ahead.

Staring at Ceilings EP gets:

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