Ennuie, Relief Maps and Politique at Zaphods

The day after the bus strike ended.
Wanted to go out and have some fun. Glad that I got a friend who wanted to check out this show and got a ride with it that.
At Zaphod Beeblebrox there was three great Ottawa bands playing tonight.
It seems to be this time of month that alot of shows are happening in Ottawa.
Photos are here.

I’ve seen Ennuie and Politique many times and they always put on great fun shows.
First time seeing Relief Maps and heard alot of good things about them.

First was Ennuie and they were fun as always.
Lovely Ivana doing the singing and Luca with his crazy guitar work.
Luca did some beatboxing.
I kind of giggled when one of their songs they used a clip from the Weather Network.
Also when Luca’s had to check a text message and Ivana wasn’t happy about it.
Always good fun with Ennuie.
Ennuie at Zaphods
After them alot of people showed and Relief Maps came on stage.
I finally got to see them live and all I have to say was their music is amazing.
They have that live stage presence.
Probably they have a loyal fanbase which I can see from their music.
I was dancing all over with their music.
Going to review their album very soon.
Relief Maps @ Zaphods
Then lastly it was Politique.
They always put on a great lively dancey set.
The lovely singing voice of Mallory just what makes Politique so vibrant with their music.
I still need to get their album.
Politique @ Zaphods
Great night for Ottawa music and go support your local talent. Bus strike or no bus strike.
Any chance go see any one of these bands in the future.
And all these bands are such nice and lovely people.
Want to say thanks for Mallory and Roland of Politique, Ivana and Luca of Ennuie and Luke and Katie of Relief Maps for a fun night.


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