E-Prime – Lens of Love [Music Video]

E-Prime is the project of siblings Jaclyn & Trevor Blumas who were formerly of Doomsquad.
They just released the music video for Lens of Love which is Trevor showering and having a good time singing to the song.
Lens of Love is an upbeat 80s new wave electro-pop tune which is far different from their Doomsquad days.

About the track:
E-Prime wrote “Lens of Love” to linger on this universality: the ability to find love and let it overtake us, even amidst times of uncertainty and grief.

This track is smooth, warm, and funky, with the feel of melted peanut butter.
For once Trevor didn’t rush out of bed with the force of obligation and just kept being there and held on with all his life.

Lens of Love gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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