Evening Hymns – Spectral Dusk [Review]

The first time I noticed Evening Hymns was in November 27, 2009.
Popped in Spirit Guides and was blown away with the lyrics and music.
Mostly with the songs Lanterns, Dead Deer and Cedar.
After that I have a profound sense to Jonas’s music as Evening Hymns.
After delays and being held-back(?), Spectral Dusk which is the follow up to Spirit Guides sees the light of day.
The album drops on August 21, 2012 on Shuffling Feet Records.

It’s 11 tracks filled gut wrenching,emotional and personal songs.
All I can say that a few tracks didn’t leave a dry eye in sight. (Sorry Adele! :P)
Yes I am letting my emotions take over in this review of Spectral Dusk.
I think it is a good thing, isn’t what music can do?

The one song that struck me the most is “You and Jake“.
My take is that the song is about the character and his father.
How they had the best of times and taught being a working man.
One of the most heart-wrenching and personal songs in the album
Song To Sleep To” is a nice piano ballad reminiscent to Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah. A song which makes you drift off to sleep.
Since most of the tracks were written after the death of Jonas’s father.
Spectral Dusk is more somber, intimate & personal folk singer-songwriter album.
Also the tracks Spirit In The Sky and Moon River are not covers.
Definitely putting it in the best of 2012 album list.

Best tracks

  • Arrows
  • Family Tree

  • You and Jake
  • Asleep In The Pews
  • Spirit In The Sky
  • Irving Lake Access Road
  • Song To Sleep To
  • Moon River
  • Spectral Dusk

I’d give Spectral Dusk 10/10.
Want to win a “signed” copy of Spectral Dusk? (Yes it’s on vinyl that I am giving away).
Simply put your name and email on the comment below.
One lucky winner will win this lovely album.
Contest ends on August 24th.
Better hurry!

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  1. Jamie

    I’d absolutely love to win a copy. Everything I’ve heard from this album is amazing. I even biked around today to see if any shops were selling it early.

    Thanks for the review.

  2. Chris

    Been following Jonas since he just went by his name. Spectral Dusk doesn’t disappoint. Would love it on vinyl!

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