Excited for Pop Montreal!!! (Pt 4)

Image by Jack Dylan

Here is part 4 of who I might or will see at Pop Montreal on Oct 3rd.

1:15pm: Faust at Espace Reunion which is a Symposium

7:30pm: End Of A Year at Underworld

8pm: Diamond Rings at Carbaret Juste Pour Rire
Options: Daehyun Kim at Green Room

9pm: Kyrie Kristmanson at Calgibi
Options: Centretown Cripplers at Il Motore

10pm: Rich Aucoin at L’Escogriffe
Options: Katie Stelmanis at Casa Del Popolo
The Balconies at Il Motore (MUST SEE!)
Snowblink at Gymnase

10:30pm: Green Go at Petit Campus

11pm: Forest City Lovers at Casa Del Popolo
Options: Little Girls at Barfly
Zeroes at Il Motore
Laura Barrett at Cagibi

11:30pm: Os Mutantes at Le National (maybe)

12am: Black Hat Brigade at Il Motore
Options: The Luyas at Casa Del Popolo
Pick a Piper at Zoobizarre
Witchies at L’Escogriffe

1am: The D’Urbervilles at Divan Orange
Options: Treasure Hunt at Il Motore
Cadence Weapon at Divan Orange

I’m very excited for Pop Montreal.

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