F–ked Up – Couple Tracks [Review]

I am going on a whim and maybe F**k Up this review of Toronto’s F**ked Up (Sorry I like to censor myself) Couple Tracks 2002-2009.
I am not really familiar with the band at all besides what they accomplished in 2009.
One being winning the 2009 Polaris Music Prize.
Two using the money from the prize to do a benefit Christmas single for a charitable organizations working to publicize
the high disappearance rate of Aboriginal women in Canada
While we either wait for the follow-up to Chemistry Of Common Life
On January 26, 2010 Matador Records released this compilation of tracks released on 7″ and 12′ which is hard to find.
I am not into the hardcore rock scene but it would be cool to attend a show of theirs.
They seem like nice people off-stage. But on stage I guess all bets are off and I don’t want my camera broken or get a whiplash.

Decided to ask some people on what they think about the band.
I talked to one from Cokemachineglow:
Fucked Up is good, more or less. I think for kids who listen to nothing but metal or hardcore it would probably blow their minds.
In that introduces some “experimental” aspects that aren’t really that interesting from a non-hardcore standpoint.
As for them winning Polaris Music Prize, I think it made sense as a win, and that album is fine.
It’s certainly not my favorite canadian record of the past year, though.

Chromewaves says:
I don’t know hardcore. I have no frame of reference for what they do
I didn’t mind listening to Chemistry but it’s not something I put on regularly
I thought it was the most interesting and unexpected result, so I was pleased with it.

Le Champion Du Monde says:
They’re pretty ballsy and beyond their music, I admire them as artists.

I could have got more people to ask but if you want to add something please make a comment.

This compilation is separated into two section.
The first section is the “Hard Stuff”.
The second section is the “Fun Stuff”.

All I can is when listening to the whole compilation, it left me wide-eye.
I am swayed more to the fun side because I kept on bopping my head to some tracks like Teenage Problems, Carried Out To The Sea and Last Man Standing (Year Of The Dog Version).
The Daytrotter sessions of Magic Word and David Comes To Life were really interesting to listen to.

Overall it sort of gave me understanding to what makes this band very appealing to their music.
For those not familiar with the band or in the hardcore scene, it is kind of a shock.

This is a great compilation for those die-fans who can’t fork up the cash to find the hard to find 7″ and 12″.
It can be also a great introductory lesson on the band what they sounded like before they won the Polaris Music Prize.
Its enjoyable and totally rocked out to it.

Best tracks:

  • Neat Parts (7″ Version)
  • Ban Violins
  • Toronto FC
  • Black Hats (That used on the Craig Norris Hour on CBC Radio 3)
  • No Epiphany (From The Chemistry of Common Life)
  • Crooked Head (Video edit version)
  • I Hate Summer
  • Magic Word (Daytrotter Version)
  • David Comes To Life (Daytrotter Version)
  • Last Man Standing (Year Of The Dog Version)

Thank you Mike G for giving me the digital download codes.
If I rate this, it would be 7/10.
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  1. Nat

    I will admit that I liked Chemistry of Modern Life a bit too much. (Mind you I need a bit of an outlet to my anger of late.)I expect that it is this quality that makes it interesting. Yes, it’s hard but still listenable. (I’m not into screamo at all. In fact, I’m usually rushing to turn it off.)

    I have no clue about Polaris. Awards are nice, but not usually worthy of debate. I’d heard a number of the nominees, all over the map. I mean who do you compare Effed up with something like Great Lake Swimmers? How do you compare GLS to K’Nanna… then again to Effed up. Apples and Oranges really. I do however love that they re-recorded Do They know it’s Christmas with the money. 🙂

    My two cents for what it’s worth.

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