Family Man – I AM THE ONE [Listen]

Today the Montreal based band Family Man dropped the track called I AM THE ONE.
The fifth single is taken from their upcoming 2024 album called ICONOCLAST via Indica Records.
A loud punk-ruckus tune.

About the track by Family Man:
“We’ve all had an exceedingly tense love triangle fueled by carnal desire and flippant regard for your emotional security, right?” The band asks. “One that completely envelopes you with rage, wanting, and confusion… or was it just me? While we’ll spare you the juiciest of details (or leave it to your imagination), ‘I AM THE ONE’ delves deep into an almost year-long triple situationship.

While successful for quite some time, the distant third party (we’ll call them Bob) shared something that was quite undesirable with Conner and the other person involved (pseudo-name Sheryl).
While this deeply upset him, Conner found that he saw his own reflection in Bob in many other respects, moving Conner to want to ‘take a knife to the man in the mirror.’”

I AM THE ONE gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.