Ferriswheel & Rolf Klausener @ Le Temporaire [December 8, 2011]

Went to a show down in Hull on December 8, 2011.
Fearing of getting lost I actually found Le Temporaire.
It is a really nice venue/artspace.
This was a record release show for Ferriswheel.
They released their album Un Peu au Nord et Sans Distorsion.
Ferriswheel doesn’t get to play live alot due to some of member’s busy schedule with their other bands.
Ferriswheel @ Le Temporaire

Rolf Klausener @ Le Temporaire
The set started off with Rolf Klausener.
He played a really great solo set with help from Adam Saikaley playing Mathieu’s Wurlitzer piano.
Played mostly The Acorn songs with a touch of lo-fi sound to it.
Surprised to hear him play Flood Pt 1.
A really nice set.
Rolf Klausener @ Le Temporaire
Then it was Ferriswheel’s turn.
All I can say that it was a mind blowing set.
Something about Ferriswheel, is that the members are passionate and serious when they play their music live.
The music just grabs you in the moment.
Most of the songs they played was Un Peu au Nord et Sans Distorsion.
You just have to be there to experience it.
Ferriswheel @ Le Temporaire
It’s great that we have this kind of talent from the Ottawa/Gatineau area.
Need to know since I know that Pietro, Mathieu, Philippe and Olivier either live or have family in the Ottawa area.
Does Simon has any connections to Ottawa?
Ferriswheel @ Le TemporaireFerriswheel @ Le Temporaire
Check out this video I took on my iPhone.

Here are the rest of the photos.

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