FerrisWheel with Lisa Bozikovic @ Raw Sugar Cafe

I had a wonderful night at Raw Sugar Cafe on June 4, 2010.
Playing were:

Lisa Bozikovic started the show.
This was my first time seeing her live and heard very good things about her.
CBC named her one of ten bands destined to break in 2010.
She played materials from her debut album “Lost August”.
Her music is folk rock pop style.
I wasn’t sure which songs she played but her vocals was just breathtaking.
It was a nice intimate set and Lisa was surprised to how quiet the audience was.
The best track on the album is “The Letting Go” and “Grey Sky”.
I took a Polaroid photo of Lisa and decided to give to her personally. Hopefully she will scan it and show it up on her site.
She better be a shoe in for the 2010 Polaris Music Prize.
Lisa Bozikovic @ Raw Sugar Cafe

Ferriswheel was next and they always put on a great show.
FerrisWheel @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Last time was at the First Baptist Church on April 30th. (Photos are finally up, link is here.)
They had another horn player who’s name is Erla. She is from Iceland and I was told that she played with Bjork live.
FerrisWheel @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Their set always blows me away with their blend of instrumental music.
There was one part of the set where Olivier their drummer was making screeching noises on the drums with the cymbals.
It was cool but hearing it made me cringe abit.
They put on a great powerful set.
FerrisWheel @ Raw Sugar CafeFerrisWheel @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Amazing show!

Here are the rest of the photos.

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