Final Flash – Homeless (Review)

Final Flash will be playing a show at Ottawa’s Zaphod Beeblebrox on May 6th.
For those that don’t know, Final Flash is a band from Montreal and they are signed to Indica Records.
I got a chance to listen to their debut album called “Homeless” which was dropped digitally on April 20th and physically on May 4th.
I really love this album which is filled with great alternative folk rock with some add psychedelic sounds.
This band feels like they have been influenced by alot of classic rock music.
Its like a mix of Manic Street Preachers and some other band which I can’t think on the top of my head.
There are parts that is very psychedelic folk in tracks like Precious
Amazing guitar riffs in the track “When The Day Turns Black” which is my favorite.
There is a upbeat catchy track in “Welcome To The House”.
The album was produced by Jace Lasek of The Besnard Lakes.
Which you know with that kind of stature of a producer the music will be very epic.

Best tracks:

  • Chosen Generation
  • Precious Field
  • When the Day Turns Black
  • Go Outside
  • We Leave The Forest
  • Rain Of Stones
  • Waiting For The Sun
  • The Awakening

I totally enjoyed this fun rocking album.
I swear there is alot of great talent coming out in the Montreal music scene.
This is a band that you definitely need to check out live.
Thanks to Melissa Hetu from Indica Records and apparently the host for Aux Weekly TV (if I am not corrected?)
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