Fire and Neon – Intentions [Review]

A few weeks ago, I heard the single by Fire and Neon.
Finally got around to listening to their release “Intentions”.
Can’t tell if it’s a album or EP?
With that they will have their release/show on May 3rd at Ritual.

Wow! They sure have come a long way from what I have heard like a year or two before seeing their live shows.
They sure have gone through the serious electro-synth pop-rock route.
Not really dark but more of a solid and tighter/proper sound in their music and lyrics.
Intentions was produced by Jon Drew (Tokyo Police Club, Arkells, The Balconies) at Dream House Studios.
Not all of the songs are very upbeat.
The one big surprise is Sleep Through Walls which starts off slow and get climatic at the end.
Sort of reminds me of a 1980s new wave rock track which I can’t think at the top of my head.
Intentions is great to listen to.
Best tracks:

    I’d give Intentions 8/10.
    RIYL: Nightbox, Bravestation,
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