Fire and Neon, The Love Machine & Zoo Legacy @ Ritual [May 3, 2013]

May is definitely getting busy and hot with various events happening in Ottawa.
Decided to hit up Ritual for a Ottawa band’s album release.
Playing at the show was Fire and NeonThe Love Machine and Zoo Legacy

Fire and Neon @ Ritual
Finally it was Fire and Neon turn to shine.
It was the band’s album release for “Intentions” (which I forgot to get).
They put on a fun dance-pop set.
Glowsticks were waving around.
Definitely a fun set.
The Love Machine @ Ritual
The Love Machine always put on a fun, rocking and sing-along show.
Nice to see them have Jamie Kronick on drums since supposedly Michael couldn’t make it due to moving to Toronto but last minute he did play.
Amazing seeing them have two drummers.
Apparently Allan was drunk and messed up but I really didn’t noticed it.
Overall a great and fun set and can’t wait for when the EP drops (Whenever it comes out :P).
Zoo Legacy @ Ritual
Ottawa’s Zoo Legacy played an amazing of indie alterna-hip-hop set.
The band previewed one or two songs
Pretty fun set and the audience enjoyed it alot!
DJ JFun @ Ritual
DJ JFun (Jordan of the Love Machine) was the DJ of the music.
Playing mix of techno and dance music.

Overall it was a great night for the “post” hockey game and a night of supporting Ottawa acts.
Click below for more photos.
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