First Night of Paper Bag Records 10th Anniversary Concert [Review]

Paper Bag Records is celebrating their 10th anniversary being into the Canadian Music scene.
With that, they are celebrating it with three nights of shows at the Great Hall.

Here is the first night of PBR10.
Luke LaLonde started off the show with his solo set.
For different from what we are used to with Born Ruffians.
Simply Luke with a guitar and loop pedals.
Felt the songs was more emotional and made me want to cry.
The solo material he sang will be part of the solo album coming out in the fall.

Second was Ottawa’s own The Acorn.
This was my first time seeing them play outside of Ottawa.
Rolf mentioned it is been a year since the band has played in Toronto.
The band mostly played tracks from No Ghost and two from Glory Hope Mountain (Flood Pt 1 & Crooked Legs)
No new material yet!
It was great to see them play in Toronto.

Third was Woodhands.
One of acts I really wanted to see.
I think they reunited just for the 10th Anniversary.
They mostly played new unreleased tracks.
Not sure if they will be released.
Really enjoyed the dance-y feel to it.
They ended off with a short version of Dancer.

Fourth was Born Ruffians.
There was a lot of excitement coming from the audience.
They played some favorites like Hummingbird.
The band played two new songs.
I had never seen the place that full.
Audience was singing along to favorites like What To Say and I Need a Life.
Really great set.

Elliott Brood ended the first night for PBR10.
The band played mostly from the current album Days into Years.
It was a mellow country sound for the first three songs.
It wasn’t until the fourth and fifth song that things picked up with the energetic rock-country sound.
Rolf and Adam of the Acorn and Wayne Petti of Cuff the Duke came on stage to join in on the percussion of bottles and drum sticks.
I think what was missing was the band was the aluminum pans and wooden sticks.
Surely an entertaining set.

This being the first night, made a great start for Paper Bag Record’s 10th Anniversary.
One down, two more to go.
Thank you Southernsouls.
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