First Rate People @ Annex Live (CMW 2013) [March 21, 2013]

Since my night was free because Nightlands and Efterklang show at Mod Club was cancelled.
I decided to hit up Annex Live.
Apparently I went to the wrong one which was “Annex Recroom” and happened to see Sidney York setting up.
At least the security guard was nice enough to tell me where Annex Live.
I finally got to see Toronto’s First Rate People live.
Heard good things about them with their indie pop music.
First Rate People @ Annex Live

I was kind surprised to see a band with six members can fit onto that stage.
The venue is more like a club/restaurant than a music venue.
But anyways, the band put on a great set.
First Rate People @ Annex Live
I was even surprised to see them have a big draw.
Probably people were there to see Vimes who had to cancel due to “Visa issues” and weren’t aware of it.
First Rate People @ Annex Live
Overall a great band to see live.

Here are the rest of the photos.

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