First You Get The Sugar [Album Review]

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It’s took me awhile to get this review up.
But got a chance to listen to the self-titled album from First You get The Sugar.
For those that don’t know who they are, here is a blurb:
First You Get The Sugar is a fresh new rock group from Montreal.
They are a four-piece, like Talking Heads and The Beatles.
They are all male, like the Kennedy Administration.
Their music is a blend of bruising riff rock, pulsating dance rhythms, and oven-baked pop goodness.
Their sound is a thoroughly modern synthesis of 50 years of pop, rock, and soul music, from the Merseyside to the Motor City. T
hey place a premium on melody, energy, and groove.
Listening to the whole eight tracks.
There is a mix of indie pop rock with that funky groove sound.
Reminds me of Fire & Neon but more refined and a toned down Winter Gloves.
Surprising for a debut band most of the songs range from the 3-5 minute. Usually they are about 2 mintues.
They seem to have a lot of potential in their music.
I really like the album with it’s catchy synth-pop rock sound.
Definitely check out this album

Best tracks:

  • Tell Your Mama
  • Sabre Rattlin’
  • Scavangers
  • Name Drop
  • Sally Pulled The Fire Alarm
  • When She Stops

Give this album 8/10.
Hope this band will make a stop in Ottawa.
Here is a preview.

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