Fist City, Big Dick & Male Nurse *Band* @ Pressed [August 29, 2012]

I forgot to post these photos but here it is!
I went to Pressed on August 29th.
Playing at the show:
Fist City
Fist City @ Pressed
Big Dick
Big Dick @ Pressed
Male Nurse (Band)
Male Nurse Band @ Pressed
I was curious to see how loud these bands can play at this somewhat residential area.

The set started off with Male Nurse Band.
When I emphasis band because usually there are different sides to Davey.
I caught the loud rocking edition of Male Nurse.
He was accompanied by Steve Adamyk and Dave Forcier.
The last song was a cover and it was mostly Steve singing.
It was pretty an entertaining rocking set.
Male Nurse Band @ Pressed
Next was Ottawa two-piece act Big Dick.
It’s been awhile (for me) to see them play live.
Despite taking awhile to get their stuff setup.
They play a pretty loud guitar riffing and crazy drumming set.
Sort of reminded me of Japandroids but way louder and heavier.
Big Dick @ Pressed
Lastly I caught parts of Fist City from Calgary.
They were great with their indie punk-garage music.
Funny moment when the lead singer had to put in strings on the guitar.
One of the members tried to do some jokes which kind of flatlined.
They were rocking it anyways!
As I left Pressed and walked a few metres away. I can still hear how loud the music was play.
Pretty crazy!
Check out this article about them.
Fist City @ Pressed
Here are the rest of the photos.

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