Flashback: 2009 Ottawa Rock Lottery [PHOTOS]

In hyping up the return of the 2011 Ottawa Rock Lottery on May 21, 2011 at Mavericks.
Here is a look back from the 2009 Ottawa Rock Lottery.
Which I am reposting from my old site.
NOTE: Some of the bands may not exist in 2011.
Wow! Time sure has changed!

So I decided last minute that I would attend the second annual Ottawa Rock Lottery (Hey for those that were there that night!).
Not good with the details, just go to this site or this site or that one to read the info.
But I know that the proceeds went to the Ottawa Food Bank, which was a good cause.
It was spearheaded by Luca F and was hosted by Alan Neal who host Bandwidth on CBC Radio 1.

I had such a great time attending this.
I was saddened that I had to leave early so I missed out the last two bands that were going to play.
So this will be my half-ass review for this show.

Sorry if I will forget the names but I will update this later.
Here is a list of who were playing in their new group of bands.

Band 1

2nd Ottawa Rock Lottery
Band 2

2nd Ottawa Rock Lottery
Band 3

2nd Ottawa Rock Lottery
Band 4

*No photos*
Band 5

2nd Ottawa Rock Lottery

The first band was Band #5 and their set was rocking hard thrashing garage punky sound.
Enjoyed them very well.

The second band was Band #1 and if I remembered correctly they were “Trash talk“.
Their music had that guitar, quirky, techno-digital sound.
Very unique with Ivana from Ennuie playing the accordion and Rosebush! doing the electronica sound.
At the end of the song there was alot of profanity hence the band name.
Another band that I enjoyed.
2nd Ottawa Rock Lottery

The third band was band #2 and forgot their name was.
It was all the vocal members from the bands.
The only problem was the sound monitors on the mics.
I didn’t care and just had a fun time screaming and yelling.
Liked it when other members were helping them with the drums.
It was nice and fun.

I didn’t get to check out the fourth and fifth act.
Because I had to leave early because living in Ottawa is horrible and public transit isn’t great.
2nd Ottawa Rock Lottery
I did check out the fourth band (Band #3)’s sound check.
Apparently they were the non vocal act and it was just mostly instrumentals.
Their sound check was great.

Overall I had an enjoyed night.
I know people always telling me about how sucky the venue.
Really I don’t care just as long I have fun and just support your favorite artist. Its what counts.
I wish they do this twice a year.

Here are the rest of the photos.
[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157614318473516″]

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