The Festival De Musique Émergente [September 1, 2017]

It was September 1, 2017 and on the second day of Festival De Musique Émergente (FME).
There was alot going on and while it didn’t feel like fall yet. There was some great fun happening which felt summery.
I got to see Geoffroy, Jason Bajada, Emily Wells, Zen Bamboo, Mathew James, Lary Kidd, A Place to Bury Strangers and AeroBrasil.

Duchess Says @ FME 2017
Nice way to start off and be awake on the second day by having Duchess Says perform near the pool. No jumped in the cold water!

While my body was reeling in from the late night show of Duchess Says.
They were the special guest for Bonsound Pool Party!

Geoffroy @ FME 2017
Electro-pop downtempo Geoffroy performed to a full capacity (free) show at Scene Evolu-Son. Played from this year’s full-length album Coastline. While his music made you want to dance it was mostly an attentive audience sitting on chairs and on the floor. Kind of a bummer on the vibe!
Jason Bajada @ FME 2017
I thought it was weird for an artist like Jason Bajada to play at 7pm. He happened to release his new double album Loveshit II – Blondie & The Backstabberz that day. Great set and all but would have been better for around 9-10pm slot.
Emily Wells @ FME 2017
American artist Emily Wells performed a superb set at Agora Des Arts. Fusing violin, drums, synths, drum machines for a folktronica dreamy journey music.
Zen Bamboo @ FME 2017
Zen Bamboo rocking it out at Petit Theatre du Vieux Noranda
Mathew James @ FME 2017
Mathew James is a Hip-hop artist from Rouyn-Norada. Packed audience at Scene Paramount


Lary Kidd @ FME 2017
After Mathew James was another hip-hop artist who goes by Lary Kidd.
A Place To Bury Strangers @ FME 2017
After checking out the hip-hop show. Decided to run back to Petit Theatre du Vieux Noranda. I was glad that I didn’t miss out A Place To Bury Stranger. Definitely melted my face and ears off with their noise-rock music. Love the light show and smashing of the guitars!!
AeroBrasil @ FME 2017
Ended my Friday night with France’s AeroBrasil! I really enjoyed their electro-dance music. Reminded me of Daft Punk and mid-00s electro-dance music!!

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