Foreign Diplomats – ][ [Streaming]

This release came out on June 19, 2020 and needs some push.
Montreal’s Foreign Diplomats dropped this so called EP titled ][ via Indica Records.
Sounds of a mix of indie rock with experimental sounds a-la Destroyer, Broken Social Scene and maybe alt-j.

About ][:
“This is our way of staying productive, of trying new stuff with the tools we had, each in our own home. The songs were made in an almost automatic writing method in mind. Keeping things simple while trying to reach sounds we don’t usually end up with.

This ]thing[ is about how ridiculous a real man can be, it’s about trying to describe the present with its most simple details and wanting to stay sane.
It’s a (mostly) quiet record for late night listening.
It is neither our third album nor a new EP, it’s something we had to try to keep on creating together while separated. “ – Élie Raymond

][ gets:

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