Freelove Fenner – The Punishment Zone [Bandcamp Stream]

It has been 8 years since Montreal’s Freelove Fenner has released any new music.
Today, the band finally dropped their new LP called The Punishment Zone which is out on Moone Records and only available on Bandcamp.
The Punishment Zone is a beautiful and moody abstract art-pop music.
Kind of reminds me of a minimalistic version of Cocteau Twins.

About the album:
The album was recorded in the duo’s all-analogue Bottle Garden Studio.
They don’t avoid digital gear out of snobbery, but in order to achieve the “different results that come with a slower, more tactile process: the happy accidents; the absence of visual stimuli (no screens); the difficulty in attaining high gloss finishes.”

The result of this old-school process is a mellow, catchy pop sound that combines vintage electronic sounds with ’70s soft rock and smoothly cooed vocals.
Opener “Find the Man” combines synth arpeggios with folksy acoustic strums, while “Shoulder Season” employs woodland-style flute tones, and “New Wave Pool” is a dreamy take on its titular genre with a bubbly bass groove and rippling guitar echoes.

The Punishment Zone gets:

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