Friendo – Cold Toads [Review]

is a three piece band from Calgary.
One of the members is also in the band Women.
I first saw them on Oct 14, 2009 at Raw Sugar Cafe.
Click here for the interview.
Thanks to Marc from Bridging the Atlantic for sending me their EP. I lost the mp3 code to their EP.

Cold Toads is a lo-fi experimental pop alternative, which sounds similar to Women, but has more of lo-fi dark pop sound to it.
The first track ,”Counter/Time”, reminds me of a Joy Division song.
My favorite song is Callers, which has that dreamy experimental pop-rock sound.

Best tracks:

  • Counter/Time
  • Callers
  • Oversees
  • New Sibley

If you like Women, then you will like Friendo.

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