Fucked Up and Mil-Spec @ The 27 Club

It was an exciting Saturday night at The 27 Club who those into punk and hardcore music lovers.
Performing that night was Fucked Up and Mil-Spec.
Fucked Up and Mil-Spec @ The 27 Club
Toronto’s Mil-Spec was the first band to perform.
Wasn’t familiar with this band but it was hardcore loudness.
Funny seeing some guy flailing his arms and giving the finger to the lead singer.
It wasn’t my cup of tea but it was a great start into the night. 6/10.
Fucked Up and Mil-Spec @ The 27 Club
It’s been such a long time since Fucked Up has played in Ottawa.
The last time they were in the city was 2015 at Ritual.
The band was in full-force promoting their 2018 album Dose Your Dreams.
Fucked Up and Mil-Spec @ The 27 Club
I didn’t stay for the whole show due to other commitments which I couldn’t say no to, but those 35 minutes was the best!
The band performing tracks like None of Your Business Man, Raise Your Voice Joyce, Queen of Hearts (My favorite and had the mic to me if I did mess up the lyrics), Normal People and I Hate Summer.
Fucked Up and Mil-Spec @ The 27 Club
While this show doesn’t quite compare to the TTC/CMW Underground show back in May.
It still was a fun show for the 35 minutes I was there. 8/10.


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