Get Ready For Megaphono 2016! [Part Two]

As previously post, here is part two for the upcoming Megaphono 2016.
The showcase music festival takes place in various Ottawa venues from February 2-5, 2016.
Passes are available, details are on here ($50 for four days is a good deal, right?).
Here is the schedule for part two.
Note: represents the acts you should check out at the festival.

February 4th (Day 3):

Start off Thursday at Elmdale Tavern with performances by:

At The Record Centre performances by:

At House of Common / 11b Fairmont Avenue

At Happy Goat Coffee performances by:

At Babylon Nightclub which is co-presented by Queer Mafia, performances by:

February 5th (Day 4):

Start off Friday at Zibi (Welcome Centre) which is  on 3 rue Eddy, Hull

  • 4:00pm – OMIC reception
  • 5:00pm – Valois
  • 5:45pm – YAO

Zibi (Welcome Centre) with musical sets by Her Harbour Isaac Vallentin

At the Bridgehead Roastery which is 130 Anderson St. performances by:

At Le Gainsbourg which is on 9 rue Aubry in Hull performances by:

At Le Troquet which is on 41 rue Laval in Hull, performances by:

To end off Megaphono at Axeneo 7 with performances by:

Outdoor skating & bonfire and bring your skates


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