Ginger Root – Out Of State [Music Video]

So I was curious about this musician from Orange County California named Ginger Root.
If you are into the indie bedroom lo-fi dance pop music, check out Ginger Root’s music.
Out of State is a nice summery dance tune.
The track is taken from his forthcoming album Rikki due out in October 2020 via Acrophase Records.

About the artist and song:
Ginger Root is the Bedroom Pop project of 24-year-old, Orange County, California based Cameron Lew.
The act that has won over fans with intimate and vulnerable songs accompanied by catchy well produced music that borrows from the sounds of ’70s American Disco and Japanese City Pop to create something that is altogether new.
Every aspect of the project comes from the brain of Lew who delivers songwriting, production, and mixing to the music along with the directing and editing of music videos courtesy of his degree in film.
Ginger Root brings personality to a genre that can at times feel bland or oversaturated.

“Having trained in martial arts for most of my childhood, and having a grandfather that competed in local table tennis tournaments, I wanted to combine the two in form of a music video that also paid homage to the many Kung Fu movies I watched growing up. It’s no Drunken Master or Shaolin Soccer, but I had a lot of fun making it.”

“Out Of State” is a step forward into his self-described sound of “Aggressive Elevator Soul” that pulls influence from acts like Toro Y Moi, Khruangbin, and Thundercat. Influenced by Japanese City Pop, Ginger Root slows “Out Of State” down into a soothing synth-groove that uses catchy 4 bar loops.

Out Of State gets:

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