Gramercy Riffs – It’s Heartbreak (Review)

Gramercy Riffs is one of those bands you definitely have to see live.
You definitely need to get their first full-length album called “It’s Heartbreak“.
These five members are:

  • Mara Pellerin
  • Lee Hanlon
  • Adrian Collins
  • Daniel Banoub (Yes he is related to David Banoub of Centretown Cripplers)
  • Jamie March

While listening to the eleven tracks I am blown away to how well made the album is.
It has that easy breezy St.John sound mixed with the vintage sound of Brit-rock/ska and current indie rock pop sound.
Listening to the Freezedown has that Arcade Fire “Wake Up”/The Strokes influence sound but with that Eastcoast feel to it..
Listening to Mara’s vocals in tracks like Dreaming has that 80s new wave rock pop sound.
Mara’s vocal reminds me of another female singer who I can’t think at the top of my head.
There are upbeat vibrant tracks in Oh Linda!, The Freezedown and Seventeen.
Rock ballads in Little One, Dreaming and Tonight’s Your Night.
This album has this conceptual theme of someone’s breakup and how the journey will take that person.

Overall I really enjoyed this album.
Surprised by the talent these members have to input on their first full-length.
Go and get this album on iTunes or CDBaby.
Best tracks:

  • Oh Linda!
  • [audio:]
  • Hold My Hand
  • Little One
  • Ambulance
  • The Freezedown
  • [audio:]
  • Dreaming
  • Call Me (Not the Blondie cover)
  • [audio:]
  • Come Home Darlin’
  • Seventeen

If I rate this, it would be a 9/10.

Don’t forget to see them play at the iheartmusic festival on August 26th

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