Gulfer – Neighbours [Music Video]

Today the Montreal band Gulfer dropped the music video for Neighbours via Topshelf Records and Royal Mountain Records.
A cool and vibrant indie rock tune.

About the track:
Neighbours” is a frenzied and raucous one-off rife with technical flourishes is no different.
Ford says that the song was written specifically about processing his experiences with a loved one diagnosed with schizophrenia, but that he only realized when the song was done.

Between its noodly, punchy transitions–a signature staple of the band’s songwriting–Ford explores what it must have been like to live with schizophrenia and not know it.

Musically, “Neighbours” speaks to this mentally debilitating experience with tact and precision: frantic, stop-on-a-dime passages set a punkish, animated backdrop for Ford’s ruminations, giving him an appropriate setting to unpack his and his loved one’s experiences.

Neighbours gets:

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