Hallelujah craze

Leonard Cohen
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UPDATE: Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah is ranked #5 in Canada’s Top 100 Singles.
Low and behold, the official Christmas #1 single in the UK is Alexandra Burke‘s version of Hallelujah.
While Jeff Buckley‘s version is #2 and Leonard Cohen‘s version is #36.
I just want to scream “HALLELUJAH”.
Alot of people are loving it or hating it but everyone is talking about it.
I’m indifferent at the moment.
Would you say the song is really a Christmas holiday kind of song?
What makes everyone love or be intrigued by this song?
We love that other artist interpret their version of this song.

Since Canada doesn’t have Alexandra’s version.

I decided to buy the Jeff Buckley’s version.
Wow his version is very amazing, haunting and fits what the song represents.
Alexandra’s version I find can be over the top with the typical pop ballad and it kind of ruins what the song is about.
I still prefer Leonard Cohen because he is sole owner of that song.

There has been alot of covers.
I’ve seen Rufus Wainwright sing it live at the Ottawa Folk Festival this year.
Besides flubbing some of the lyrics but still wowed me with his version of the song live.

There was this article in the CBC site about the song.
Also that Leonard Cohen was forced to go on tour because he was cheated out of his retirement funds
But its a great year for Leonard Cohen since the song has become a big hit in the UK two times over.



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