Hanging with Ruby Coast @ Hotel2Tango

During the April long Easter weekend, I went up to Montreal for a spur of the moment trip.
I also wanted to check out my buddies of Ruby Coast since they were in Montreal recording their full-length album at Hotel2Tango studio.
Thanks to Justice for convincing me to go up to Montreal.
So under the picture will be my detail events in Hotel2Tango with Ruby Coast.

April 3:
I arrived in Montreal and checked into the hotel I was staying.
Glad they had internet in the room so I can message Justice that I will be at the studio.
Montreal is a wonderful place but I happened to loose my sense of direction on locating the place.
Despite walking for about 20 minutes zig-zaging around the area, I finally found Hotel2Tango.
It was just Justice and Nathan in the studio.
When I got into the studio, it was like a cozy loft and didn’t have that typical studio look.
There was this cute dog named Emma who couldn’t stop barking and nosing around my bag.

Also in the studio was a producer named Brian.

I got there when they had this girl named Jet (if her name is spelled correctly) and she was singing on one of the songs in the album.
Its also a first for them to have a female sing on their songs.

While Nathan was doing the behind the scenes stuff.

I went in the day where Jet was singing the lyrics over and over.
I asked Justice on who they saw in the studio, he told me that they met some members of Wolf Parade, Plants and Animals, Parlovr and Land Of Talk.
I was envious on hearing that these bands dropped by the studio.
The new song I got to hear was “Stability”, that track has a high energy rocking track.
It was somewhat of a productive day with just two of the members.
Justice’s parent showed up to the studio. It was nice that his family were there to check things out and support him.
At least I got a chance to see how a band works on a making an album in the studio.

April 4:
Justice told me to come again since the whole band was showing up and do a photoshoot.
Despite feeling tired from the night of seeing The Depreciation Guild and You Say Party! We Say Die! and not getting any sleep.
I managed to get there since I was at Bagels Etc… for brunch with other people.
It was great to see everyone there and of course Emma the dog.

When I arrived, the band was checking over if Justice needs to redo his guitar parts in the album.
I mostly heard half the songs in the album but in instrumental form. It was neat to hear it without the vocals and trying to imagine in my head on what it will sound like with the vocals.
Bryan Chaulk who plays horns or trumpet arrived in Montreal. He came to play on the album.

Super producer Howard Bilerman arrived, I was like speechless since I knew he produced on Arcade Fire’s album and other prominent indie act’s album.
He is a really down to earth person and I didn’t go crazy on him since he is concentrated in helping out Ruby Coast on what to do with the album.
Here is a photo with Justice and Howard.

Did my photoshoot with the band which was fun and crazy.
Got back to the studio and Howard had a talk with the band.
At that time, I seem to be falling asleep and dozing off due to the night before.
The other musician who I saw dropped by Hotel2Tango was Colin Stetson and he had to pick up his materials for his new album.
I just had to ask him and he remembered me from the Ottawa show. Howard was really surprised that someone recognized him.
Time was flying by so quickly so I had to leave for another show that night.
Overall I had a great time hanging with the band and seeing how they were making the album.

Here are some of the photos I took:

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