Happy 5! For Photogmusic

March 5, 2010 is the day that I created this website!
Wow it is 5 years old! (Technically six but who’s counting)
Who knew I can still keep going on with this.

While I know I may this site may not be like a-la Pitchfork, CBC Music or Exclaim!. Maybe throw in Weird Canada.
It will still going on showcasing my work whenever people like it or not.
Through the highs and lows while trying to cover what Ottawa has to offer in the music scene.
Not getting any responses from certain publicists, getting scolded, being starstruck or finding the “it” band/musician who might hit it big.
Going to a show and being awed in what you just saw.

There will come a time I might have to stop doing what I love doing.
Ya there might be a temporary void but there will be someone who will pick up the pieces.

Not sure who I want to thank since it will be a long list.
But I will say THANK YOU! to all who has supported me.

While it be cheesy doing this.
Here are my top favorites:

Brasstronaut @ The Black Sheep Inn
Brasstronaut at The Black Sheep Inn on March 25, 2010
Dan Mangan @ Mavericks
Dan Mangan at Mavericks – April 24, 2010
The White Wires @ Kelp 16
The White Wires playing a secret show for Kelp 16 on Victoria Island
Arcade Fire @ Bluesfest
My first time seeing Arcade Fire. But it was at Ottawa Bluesfest 2010. It was the time they were had The Suburbs out.
Sacred Sunday @ Ukrainian Federation
Sacred Sunday at Pop Montreal 2010.
Hey Rosetta! @ Live Lounge Main Stage
Hey Rosetta! on 10/10/10


Rich Aucoin @ Cafe Dekcuf
Rich Aucoin on February 18, 2011. During his residency at Cafe Dekcuf
The Head and The Heart @ Zaphod Beeblebrox
Head and the Heart at Zaphod Beeblebrox on February 23, 2011
Young Galaxy @ Mavericks
Young Galaxy at Mavericks on March 12, 2011.
Silkken Laumann @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Silkken Laumann debut at Raw Sugar Cafe on April 15, 2011
Austra @ Ritual
Austra at Ritual in 2011.
U.S. Girls @ Summer Houseshow
U.S. Girls at a basement show.
Fucked Up @ Yonge Dundas Square
Fucked Up at YDS during NXNE 2011. It was a wild show!
Dirty Beaches @ Silver Dollar Room
Dirty Beaches at Silver Dollar Room during NXNE 2011
Grimes @ Mission Santa Cruz
Grimes at Mission Santa Cruz during Pop Montreal 2011. Part of Arbutus Records Showcase.
Awolnation @ Live Lounge
Awolnation at the Live Lounge in October 2011. Not my favorite show but I just want to put it up here for bragging rights.
Braids @ Babylon Nightclub
Braids at Babylon Nightclub on October 15, 2011. Probably the last time as a four-piece.
Sandro Perri @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Sandro Perri at Raw Sugar Cafe on November 3, 2011
St.Vincent @ Ritual
St. Vincent at Ritual on December 16, 2011
Roberta Bondar @ Capital Rehearsal Studios
Roboerta Bondar at the old Capital Rehearsal Studios on December 30, 2011


Yamantaka // Sonic Titan @ Babylon Nightclub
Yamantaka // Sonic Titan at Babylon Nightclub on February 3, 2012
JEFF The Brotherhood @ Babylon Nightclub
JEFF the Brotherhood at Babylon Nightclub on February 6, 2012
Nat Baldwin @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Nat Baldwin at Raw Sugar Cafe on February 19, 2012
Jim Bryson @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Jim Bryson at Raw Sugar Cafe on March 11, 2012
Jim Bryson @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Jeremy Fisher @ Raw Sugar Cafe on March 11, 2012
Wintersleep @ The Horseshoe Tavern
Wintersleep at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern. Oh man! I am still surprised that I managed to get in for this packed show during Canadian Music Week.
Purity Ring @ Cafe Dekcuf
Purity Ring at Cafe Dekcuf on May 23, 2012.
BadBadNotGood @ Ritual
BadBadNotGood at Ritual Nightclub on June 1, 2012
Smith Westerns @ Artscape Gibraltar Point
Smith Westerns at Artscape Gibraltar Point during NXNE 2012. Definitely the best time!


Cousins @ Pressed
Cousins at Pressed on February 15, 2013
Big Dick @ The Dominion Tavern
Big Dick’s LP Release at the Dirty Dom on February 16, 2013
New Swears @ Pressed
New Swears opening up for Cold Warps at Pressed on March 7, 2013
Chvrches @ Virgin Mod Club
Chvrches at Virgin Mod Club during CMW 2013
Suuns @ The Garrison
Suuns at the Garrison during CMW 2013
Mac DeMarco @ The Garrison
Mac DeMarco at the Garrison during CMW 2013
Holy Fuck @ Arboretum Arts Festival
Holy Fuck at Arboretum Arts Festival Year 2
Pup @ House of Targ
Pup at the “old” House of Targ on August 30, 2013
Basia Bulat @ NAC Theatre
Basia Bulat at the NAC Theatre on October 5, 2013
Jim Bryson @ The Blacksheep Inn
Jim Bryson at the Blacksheep Inn for his annual Christmas Show. December 21, 2013


Doomsquad @ Mugshots
Doomsquad at Mugshots on March 8, 2014
WTCHS @ Gabba Hey!
WTCHS at Gabba Hey! on March 15, 2014
Joel Plaskett @ NAC Southam Hall
Joel Plaskett with the NAC Symphony Orchestra at NAC Southam Hall on April 12, 2014
Perfect Pussy @ Il Motore
Perfect Pussy at Il Motore on April 23, 2014

(Sorry there will be more for 2014)


Viet Cong @ Bar Le Ritz PDB
Veit Cong at Bar Le Ritz PDB on January 30, 2015

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