Heading to Halifax Pop Explosion 2014

I’m heading to Halifax for the first time to check out Halifax Pop Explosion!
I am very excited and letting those who check out this site that I won’t be posting stuff until next week.

Who should I see?
Where should I check out in Halifax?

Here is a list that I hope to see (copy and pasting from the last post):

  • Swearin’ – Dust in the Gold Sack (Oct 24 at Reflections Cabaret)
  • Austra – Habitat (Oct 22 at Reflections Cabaret)
  • Hag Face – Teenage Monster (Oct 23 at Gus Pub)
  • Chad VanGaalen – Cosmic Destroyer (Oct 25 at Olympic Community Hall)
  • Rich Aucoin – Four More Years (Oct 23 Reflections Cabaret)
  • Mozart’s Sister – Don’t Leave It To Me (Oct 24 at Olympic Cimmunity Hall and October 25 at Gus Pub)
  • Old and Weird – I Just Came To Dance (Oct 25 at Gus Pub)
  • Cousins – Body (Oct 24 Reflections)
  • Cold Specks – Bodies at Bay (Oct 25 at Marquee Ballroom)

Thank you Mixtape Magazine!

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