Heaven For Real and Whimm @ Poisson Noir [September 19, 2015]

There was this late show at this infamous DIY Montreal venue called Poisson Noir (Considering it took me like 25 minutes to find it since it is hush hush).
Having missed out one of the Grundy brother’s (twins to be exact) band Quaker Parents at Pop Montreal.
The other option was to see their other act called Heaven For Real.
Another band that performed was Toronto’s Whimm.

Heaven For Real @ Poisson Noir
Heaven For Real performed a fun pop rocking set. For a late show it was crazy as hell!!
Whimm @ Poisson Noir
Toronto’s Whimm was the first band to perform. It was crazy noise punk rock set!

Definitely was a fun festive one year party for the venue.
A meeting of east coast, Torontoians and Montrealers having one fun late night party!
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