Hilotrons – Happymatic (Review)

There is about three days left until Kelp Records starts their 15th Anniversary.
Starting off with the Acorn and Jim Bryson at the Mayfair Theatre on April 30th.

In part with this I am going to review three Kelp records (I have in my CD/vinyl collection) and they are:
Today – Hilotron‘s Happymatic
Tomorrow – Jim Bryson‘s Where The Bungalows Roam
Thursday – The Acorn – Glory Hope Mountain (Technically its on Paper Bag Records but still calls Kelp Records home.)

So here is the review of Happymatic.
I guess Hilotrons are not playing at Kelp 15 this year.

Happymatic is the second album by Hilotrons
The album was released on April 1, 2008
We know that Kelp Records is used with releasing alot of indie folk rock albums.
But with this band it is very different.
Their music is very alternative new wave pop.
I’ve seen this band live about two times.
First time I saw them was last March where Immaculate Machine opened up for them.
I didn’t know who this band was because I was very eager to see Immaculate Machine.
They were great live.
The second time was at Bluesfest last year and it was alright considering it was a hot day.

With the album title suggest it is a upbeat and fun record.
Lots of catchy beats and lyrics.
Has that nostalgic sounds of the 1980s new wave synth sounds in tracks like Streets Of Science, Dominika, Lovesuit and Comrade Elvis.
While I re-listened to this album.
I know now how fun this band can be CD-wise or live-wise.

Best tracks:

  • Lost in Yichang (They must have gotten it off from their side project The Empiricals)
  • Dominka
  • Lovesuit
  • Emergency Street
  • Girls
  • Big Plans
  • Feet First

Great album from a band that you never thought this label can release a fun dancey records.

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