Hiroki Tanaka – Blue Eyed Doll [Listen]

Today Hiroki Tanaka (Yamantaka//Sonic Titan) announces his debut solo album called Kaigo Kioku Kuoku which comes out on October 14, 2020.
The title means “Caregiving Memory Songs” and the leading single from the album is Blue Eyed Doll.
A raw and emotional song to listen to.

About the song:

The first single, “Blue Eyed Doll” for example, starts off with a recording of a Japanese choir woman from the eldercare facility Hiroki’s grandmother was staying in.
They are singing the Japanese folk songs “Aoi Me No Ningyo” (trans. “Blue Eyed Doll”) which leads into the album track of the same name.

Each percussive sound in Hiroki’s “Blue Eyed Doll” was collected from the house, and includes everything from the sound of a cupboard closing to the clinking of two glasses together.
This “found-sound” approach to percussion is what gives every sound and melody in Kaigo Kioku Kyoku significance.

Blue Eyed Doll gets:

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