Hollerado – Record In A Bag (Review)

The first time I saw Hollerado live was back in June 10, 2008 where they opened up for the Stills.
Hollerado blew me away that June 10th that night and it was the same night where Said The Whale played the Mercury Lounge.
After that the band from Manotick has exploded in the pass two years and doing well for themselves.
In thanks to word of mouth support, constantly touring and a commercial radio contest.
I do try to see them live but of the times I’ve see them live it is mostly at festivals like Bluesfest, Pop Montreal and NxNE.

Whenever a new Hollerado album will be released?
I will review their first album “Record In A Bag“.
I did not get the original version of the album where it was actually packaged in a zip-loc bag.
I manage to get this album when it was a free to download on their official website.
Its been about two years and this album has legs and has been re-released on February 9, 2010 through Royal Mountain Records

At first listening to the beginning track “Hollerado Land”, I thought it was just a mess.
But after that it gets better with great rocking catchy tracks like “Do the Doot Da Doot Doo”, “Juliette” and “On My Own”.
Its great to listen and dance around to in tracks like “Juliette”, “Americanarama”, “On My Own”, “Riverside” & “Walking The Sea”.

Best tracks:

  • Do the doot da doot doo
  • Juliette
  • Fake Drugs
  • Americanarama
  • On My Own
  • Hard Love
  • Riverside
  • What’s Everybody Running For? Part 2

Overall its a great fun rocking album.
If you manage to get the physical copy (I don’t own one yet), you will love the packaging which is in a bag and comes with stickers and confetti.
I don’t know what are the bonus tracks are.
But they are a band you definitely need to see live.

Here is a new song called Constantine.

If I rate this, it would be a 8.7/10
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