HOMESHAKE – CD Wallet [Music Video]

Today the Toronto-based musician Peter Sagar who goes by HOMESHAKE has dropped the music video for CD Wallet.
The leading single is taken from HOMESHAKE’s upcoming album of the same name which comes out on March 8, 2024 via Dine Alone Records.
A change from the indie bedroom lo-fi R&B to more of a indie guitar rock music.
The track has that moody downer guitar rock vibe.

About the track & music video by Peter:
‘Wake up, grandma why don’t you put on a little makeup,’ or so he thought the lyrics went to “Chop Suey!” by System of a Down.
Sagar was flabbergasted; he sat, mouth open, with a copy of Guitar World magazine open to the tablature of “Chop Suey!”
Reading the fine print with a magnifying glass completely stunned, knocked flat onto his back, he learned a guitar can be tuned much lower than he had expected! Drop C in fact.
A tuning he uses to this day. An artist and an album were born.

The video was shot by Jim Larson in Edmonton and features clips of Peter traveling through his childhood home, visiting places he hasn’t seen since moving away over a decade earlier but is returning to now.
It’s also an homage to feeling alien in a place you haven’t lived in, but still know where everything is and how to get there.

CD Wallet (Single) gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.