Homo Duplex (Review)

I got this email from this Dartmouth, Nova Scotia duo called Homo Duplex.
OK maybe the name is kind of scary or weird.
The duo are a couple.
Here is a brief description.
“Homo Duplex are Kristina Parlee from the Maynards and Ron Bates from the Memories Attack.
We are married to each other, Jan and Wayne Skylar-style. We live in Nova Scotia.
These songs were composed by drawing random musical descriptors (speed, mood, instruments, etc.) out of a hat, then sticking to ’em.
Our name is Latin for double human, and is also from James O. Incandenza’s imaginary yet impressive filmography.”

Their music is very indie poppy new wave experimental dance.
They only released an 3-track EP called “01”.
I actually like their music.
Its fun, daring, weird, crazy and dancey.
Best tracks:

  • Rough Dough
  • Bleak Creek
  • Deadly Understudy

You can download their EP for free on their Bandcamp site.

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