hyphen (-) @ Gallery 101

Attended the opening of hyphen (-) at Gallery 101.
About the exhibition:
Like two stars connected by an invisible line to form a constellation, the hyphen in research-creation is a space for wonder, conflict, experimentation, and immense possibilities.

More importantly, research-creation generates potential for new ways of thinking, engaging, and understanding the world. Perhaps most notable is its ability to care-fully interrogate and challenge institutions and western ways of knowing, through feminist, anti-colonial, and queer interventions of knowledge production.

This exhibition is a practice of “research-(care)ation”, and highlights how artistic research may act as an antidote for our current world. Bringing together a constellation of research-creationists from across so-called Canada, hyphen (-) celebrates the timely creatively and scholarly work being created by artists today.

The exhibition runs until April 29, 2023.
Check out the gallery.

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