i(heart)music festival 2010: The Love Machine, The Most Serene Republic, Still Life Still, Paramedics, Crush Buildings, Whale Tooth & Loon Choir

It was night three and the last night for the i(heart)music festival that happened on August 28th.
It was a big night because seven bands was playing not just one but two rooms at Mavericks and Cafe Dekcuf.
The night happened to be The Love Machine‘s CD Release show for their long awaited full length “Sweather Weather“.
At least there was a good set up to know who to see at Mavericks and Cafe Dekcuf without freaking out on who you missed out.
The Love Machine @ Mavericks

Loon Choir was the first band to go on at Mavericks.
They played a fun dancey rock 30 minute set.
They played mostly from their album “Expansion Forces“.
It was very different seeing them play at Mavericks considering they always play at Cafe Dekcuf.
At least they got alot stage room to play.
Loon Choir @ Mavericks
Crush Buildings was next and it was up at Cafe Dekcuf.
The band played a great 30 minute set.
They had a good turnout for those that went upstairs.
Crush Buildings @ Cafe Dekcuf
Whale Tooth played at Mavericks.
They totally made a kick ass rocking set.
I swear Elise the lead singer is an amazing singer and captivating on stage.
They played some tracks from their EP and some new tracks.
Crossing fingers and hoping this band will take off very soon.
Whale Tooth @ Mavericks
Paramedics played at Cafe Dekcuf.
Surprised that filled up that room.
It was a hypnotic rock set.
Luke Duross was playing in that band and sadly it would be the last time because the next day he is flying off to Vietnam.
But the band will be around in time for a new EP in the fall.
Paramedics @ Cafe Dekcuf
Then went back down to Mavericks to see The Most Serene Republic.
The band didn’t started yet but hearing Adrian play the horns or trumpet just gave me chills down my spine.
The band “OMG” just played an amazing set.
It was the first time for me to see them as a “all guy” band since Emma left the band.
Had more a fun and energetic feel and hearing the songs I know made me happy.
Adrian being his funny self on stage.
One of my favorite sets of the evening.
The Most Serene Republic @ Mavericks

Still Life Still ended off the set up at Cafe Dekcuf.
Still Life Still @ Cafe Dekcuf
I was wowed with the lighting they had.
They had mic issues but they were great live.
Played alot of new material and current tracks on Girls Come Too.
So great that when they played Pastel, the members of The Most Serene Republic joined on stage.
It was one of those moment you shouldn’t have missed.
Still Life Still @ Cafe Dekcuf

Lastly The Love Machine ended off the show at Mavericks.
It was a fun and wild set the Ottawa band played.
I was not aware the female singer of Amos The Transparent played her last show the night before with the band.
Played tracks from the album Sweater Weather.
The fans knew every word of the songs.
It was something to see and hear.
They ended off with friends of The Love Machine to join them on stage.

It was a fun crazy night.
All ends the summer of 2010 and probably the last (if not) of the i(heart)music festival.

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