i(heart)music festival 2010: [Night 1]

It was the first night of the i(heart)music festival at Mavericks.
The turnout was not what I expected it probably it was a Thursday night or people are away on vacation before summer ends (WHO KNOWS!).
But I was happy to see all four acts playing one great show on Thursday night.
It was also a last show for this Ottawa band (which I decided to take a Polaroid).

Centretown Cripplers started off the set.
It was fun and loud as always.
Straight forward set.
Still can’t believe it is their last show as a band.
But don’t worry you will see some of them in the Allrights and The Johnnies
Centretown Cripplers @ Mavericks
After that was Giant Hand.
This time he went solo.
Enough said about him.
Still haven’t gotten the EP.
Sweet and simple set.
Giant Hand @ Mavericks
Gramercy Riffs was up next. They were amazing live.
Love their catchy poppy rock music from their “It’s Heartbreak” album.
People were dancing to their music and totally love their songs
There was guitar problems but whatever, they were great.
Gramercy Riffs @ Mavericks
Parlovr totally blew the roof off.
It was fun, loud and crazy.
the trio from Montreal previewed new tracks from an upcoming EP.
It was unbelievable, they did a punk rock set for Centretown Cripplers.
Then they sort of did a slower kind of song for Giant Hand.
Kind of sad that they didn’t have their traffic lights this time.
Final song they did was Pen To The Paper which was great to hear live.
Kind of weird that they played a short set and would have been nice to hear some tracks from their first album.
Despite the turnout, I totally had a great time.
So great I gto Devin of Centretown Cripplers to take this Polaroid with Parlovr (Sorry it turned out bad).

Woot! video for Pen To The Paper is up!

Here are the rest of the photos.


  1. Franky

    All played really fun sets but I was particularly impressed (as always) by Parlovr.
    Hope more people show up tonight and Saturday.

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