i(heart)music festival 2010: Oceans, Old Crowns, The Darcys and Amos

The second night of the i(heart)music festival happened on August 27th.
The turnout was better than the before but still I love the bands that played the night before. (People, you have to check out Parlovr big time!)
It felt like Ottawa bands night well minus the one band from Toronto.
Sorry for this review being somewhat short being its very late night and editing the photos at the same time.

Oceans was up first.
They are totally improving alot with their live sets.
Hopefully they will finish an EP very soon.
Oceans @ Mavericks
Old Crowns played a great set.
Old Crowns @ Mavericks
The Darcys totally louden their set!
Apparently they delayed the album until spring 2011.
But they played mostly from the delayed second album.
The Darcys @ Mavericks
Amos The Transparent did a high energy rock show.
The audience was loving it.
Amos The Transparent @ Mavericks
That was my night for the i(heart)music festival.
Here are the rest of the photos.

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