Interview (Audio) with Matt and Grant of Behind Sapphire + The Elwins @ Avant-Garde Bar

November 26, 2011 was a busy night in Ottawa.
First stop was at Avant-Garde Bar.
It was last minute that I found out that Behind Sapphire, from Vancouver, were playing.
Also on the bill was Toronto’s The Elwins, who finally played a show in Ottawa.
The Elwins @ Avant-Garde Bar
I didn’t get to see Behind Sapphire play, but I managed to do a interview with Grant and Matt of the band.
Grant & Matt of Behind Sapphire.
We talked about how they got the name, how they got started, touring, influences, and what’s coming up after the tour ends.
Have a listen to the interview.
For the transcription, click here.
I did get to see The Elwins; here are the photos from their set.
The Elwins @ Avant-Garde BarThe Elwins @ Avant-Garde Bar
Here are the rest of the photos.

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