Interview with David Vertesi [April 28, 2015]

Vancouver’s David Vertesi of Hey Ocean! will be going solo for his Eastern tour.
With that I got to ask him some question to get him all hyped up for his Ottawa show this Thursday.
Check it out!
CBC Songwriter's Circle 2012 @ Major's Hill Park
How excited are you to be playing Ottawa this Thursday?
Can’t wait to play my first solo show in Ottawa where the crowds are fun and the Shawarma is the best!

What can people expect from your set?
People can expect Sad Dad Cruise Ship… that’s my genre, apparently. I’ll be playing songs off Cardiography as well as a bunch of new ones.

So far, you’ve only released ‘Loud Talker’ from your upcoming second album?
Yeah, except a live video of a song called ‘Waterways’.

How different will it be from your first album and what should we expect?
This album has been a very different experience for me than my last one, so I assume it will be different for listeners. The production is a bit more lush and ambitious.
Hey Ocean! @ Ritual
Since Hey Ocean! is on a “break” does this give you more free time to do your solo work?
Definitely. Hey Ocean! was so intense for the last 5 years that I was really putting all my attention there. It’s nice to be focusing on myself now. Although I’ve been working a bit with ashleigh on some new songs as well.

Does it feel different performing your own stuff than being in a band?
Of course. Being in a band is an eternal compromise. There’s plenty of ways in which that is fun and challenging, but right now I’m more concerned with who I am as an individual artist and not burning my energy trying to accommodate others. It’s selfish in a way, but it’s been rewarding on a personal level.

I accidentally happen to watch “A Brony Tale” on Netflix (Who isn’t addicted to Netflix?) was it somewhat awkward being in the documentary?
A little bit. Brent Hodge (who made the documentary) is a friend of ours so in that respect it was pretty easy. Bronies are a funny sub-group within the Hey Ocean! world. But I really appreciate them as they tend to be loyal fans who love the music, attend shows, and buy lots of merch.

What’s your favorite song you love to play live?
We’ve been playing a Spice Girls cover for a while now that is pretty fun. I’m a big fan. Sporty was my favourite growing up.

What’s your favorite venue?
hmmm.. to play? or to see a show? I’ll say the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver. I’ve seen and played some of my favourite shows there (Brand New, Hayden, Patrick Watson, Norm Macdonald). Also it has sentimental value because my wife and I have put on a fundraiser concert there for the past 4 years (

What was the craziest thing that happened at one of your shows?
One time Hey Ocean! was once introduced by Green Bay Packers all star wide receiver, New York Times bestselling author and season 14 Dancing with the Stars champion, Donald Driver. It turns out he’s a big fan of the band and even came on stage with us to dance and sing along to a song.

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