Isaac Vallentin – “…” [Streaming]

Today, Isaac Vallentin released his third album “…” or simple as he calls it either “ellipsis” or “dot dot dot;”.
The album is a wonderful intimate ballad acoustic folk music that feels Bob Dylan-esque.

About the album:
These songs were written in the span of a few weeks last March (2020), during the first wave of the Coronavirus. Like a wave, too, the words came crashing in, drowning me completely for a time.
If you listen closely, you can hear the uncertainty of the zeit beneath my fingers.

The album was recorded and mixed in three days.
The accompanying hiss and warble is courtesy of an ancient MCI 2″ tape machine we used to capture the performances. Apart from my partner Allyson’s voice on “Diane,” it’s just me, whiskey, silence, and the odd word from engineer Seb Perry.

“…” gets:

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