James Blake covering Joni Mitchell’s A Case Of You

Episode image for James Blake in session
From BBC Radio 1's website

Today seemed to be a crazy day with the release of the new Strokes single.
James Blake‘s live session on Zane Lowe‘s BBC Radio 1 show seemed to be overshadowed by it.
Considering Zane Lowe played “Under Cover of Darkness” like four times during the two hour show.

It was an amazing live session.

You have to hear the Joni Mitchell cover of “A Case Of You” (via Cover me Songs).
He also played “Falling”.
Check out the cover of a truly Canadian icon.
A Case Of You
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  2. Weston

    Yeah listened to that zane lowe at work yup he did play that, zane lowe being zane lowe tons of energy lol

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